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HAI commercial collection agency client comments:

It's easy to pat ourselves on the back; It's gratifying when our client's do it for us. Here are few recent examples of the things our forwarding clients have had to say (P.S. If you have got something to say, let us know!)

Any collection accounts we may have will go strictly to you ...

Thank you, Mark. In the future any collection accounts we may have will go strictly to you and I will absolutely let anyone who may need your services know of your agency! Have a great day!

The "Hampton Way"

I want you to know how much I appreciate that no matter what, anytime an issue arises, all I have to do is pick up the phone, and you are there to help any way that you can.  That is the “Hampton Way"

Educated, professional, reasonable and accountable

...that is exactly why we use Hampton— because you are all educated, professional, reasonable and accountable.

I am very glad we have you as our collections agency.

Well, your record so far has been very good... I am very glad we have you as our collections agency.


WOOHOO!! Thank you [$68,000 recovery, 6-5-06]

Very good results

We plan to use HAI as our collection agency going forward. We have had very good results.

Ya'll are a joy to work with.

We appreciate all of your hard work!! Ya'll are a joy to work with.

Awesome! Great work!

Awesome! Great work! We've been working on him for months with no luck. Thanks!

Hard work, dedication, determination and professionalism

I also wanted to thank you both for your hard work, dedication, determination and professionalism in providing debt recovery for us.  We look forward to working with you in the future

Extremely pleased with your services ...

Thank you for your prompt reaction to this [claim]. I have been nothing but extremely pleased with your services so far.


Fantastic ... good job to everyone!!

Great job!

We received a final check for $4141.00 from [Debtor Name Deleted].  I've attached a copy of it for your billing.  Great job!   Thanks for your help.

Wow. I'm impressed!

Wow. I'm impressed! Two payments in two weeks. Maybe I ought to turn all my receivables over to you folks....just kidding.

Persistence paid off...

Received check for $440.50--thank you!!! Your persistence paid off for us.

Thanks to you and all of the staff

I just keep saying this over and over. Thanks to you and all of the staff. Have a great day!!!!!

Keep up the good work!

This is excellent news! Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work!

Telling everyone I know...about you

You have a very good reference in me - I keep telling everyone I know in this business about you

Outstanding job!

Thanks, that was an outstanding job!

I'm glad we made the change

Thank you for your help in this matter. I'm glad we made the change [in agencies].

You guys are amazing

You guys are amazing. Thank you.

Very good recovery month

Looks like we have had a very good recovery month in January [2005]. Thanks for your efforts.

I'm impressed with your service so far!

I wanted to tell you that I'm impressed with your service so far! I frequently check the activity on the account and see that it's being "worked". The last company we used had showed very little activity. I wish I would have found you before them. So keep up the good work! At this point I can say that I will recommend you to other business owner's I know.

HIGHLY recommend your services

Thank you for everything. I am going to HIGHLY recommend your services to my colleagues and will not hesitate to use your services again.

Very professional

You and your staff ALWAYS represent yourselves in a very professional manner and do everything you can to collect our accounts

Awesome job!

Thanks for the update. I will wait for payment to be received. You & your team are doing an awesome job.

Speedy efforts in collecting

Thanks for the good news and your speedy efforts in collecting this account. Truly impressive and appreciated

Good work!

Yes, their ck #2893 for $9,366.79 hit our lockbox on 6/21/04.  Please send me an invoice for your fees and I'll get it scheduled for payment. Good work!

Detailed notes on the website

I really do appreciate the detailed notes on the website. It makes my reporting easier

Once again you guys Rock!!!!!!

I received a check for 799.00. Check #2355 Dated May 19th. The first of 2 checks. Good Job. Once again you guys Rock!!!!!!

I found the web VERY easy to use ...

Thank you for your acknowledgement. Hopefully you will have better luck than we did. Also, I found the web VERY easy to use in submitting the claim. Much, much easier!

Great News ...

That is great news, appreciate all your hard work. I've had better collections with you than anyone.

I'm impressed ...

Very Good. I'm impressed.....Good Job.

I am really pleased ...

Diana, we recd $936.68 in the 7-25 lockbox. Please send your invoice. Please share with the guys that I am really pleased with what I have seen from your company...

Good job! ...

We are definitely on the right track with Hampton Associates! Good job!

Thanks again and again

Thanks again and again for all of Hampton Associates processing collections for me. I will continue to have discussions on how well I like Hampton for collections.

You are great! ...

Thanks for keeping on top of things. You are great!

Nicely done ...

By the way, received the check from you guys for [Debtor Name Deleted]. Nicely done...

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