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HAI Commercial debt collection agency - ACCESS anytime, ASSURANCE at all times and ACCOUNTABILITY every time!

A Commercial Debt Collection Agency that is different!

HAI offers the breadth and depth of commercial collection agency knowledge and expertise your company requires and our HAiCollectTM Internet database provides 24X7 secure WWW access for all collections placement and monitoring activities, document imaging of all correspondence, payment history information and much more. If your commercial collection agency isn't meeting your expectations, join the revolution with HAI!

Innovation in Commercial Debt Collection!

Hampton Associates was the first commercial collection agency to introduce a fully Web-enabled client focused debt collection solution and we continue to drive innovation in order to bring added value to the client/agency relationship. Call us for a no obligation live demo and see for yourself.

A Collection Agency That Does Business Your Way!

Since when did the customer stop being King (or Queen)? At HAI we believe in valuing our clients and understand that every client is as unique as the commercial claim placements they forward. Tell us what works for you and we'll get to work for you- that's doing business your way!

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HAiCollectTM Users Guide: HAiCollect User's Guide- bringing your commercial collection agency activity into the 21st century!

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See what other commercial debt collection agencies can only talk about. HAI- Your online agency!

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