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Once an account is placed with HAI for collection, it is in your best interest to refer all debtor inquires to our offices.  Please report any payments received directly by your offices so that we may best serve you.  Please forward any debtor correspondence you receive so that we can address any issues raised.

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Claim Referral Options for Commercial Debt Collection Placement

With Hampton Associates, you can submit claims via HAiCollectTM, Fast Fax Form, or good old U.S. Mail. We also give you options for how claims are placed. We realize "one size doesn't fit all" and we offer 3 different claim placement types in order to meet your commercial collection agency placement preferences . . .

Quick Collect

For debtor balances needing urgent attention, you may notify us to begin immediate collection action using HAiCollectTM. Prefer Paper? Simply check the "Quick Collect" box on the Fast Fax Form and send it to our toll-free fax number or,   and we'll proceed with "Quick Collect" debt recovery service.

10 Day Free Demand

Hampton Associates, Inc. provides free 10 Day Demand notices which is a standard offering with most commercial collection agencies.  As an additional service, Hampton Associates, Inc. will handle the mailing of the initial demand for you at no cost to you. We can accept 10 Day Free Demand claim referrals via HAiCollectTM, fax (Fast Fax Form), or .

Advance AlertTM

HAI offers a 2 letter Advance AlertTM service at no cost to you.  Debtors referred under Advance AlertTM receive 2 letters on HAI letterhead (mailed 7 days apart).  If the balance is paid in 14 days you incur no cost.  Balances unpaid after 14 days will be activated for immediate collection at our normal contingency rates. Refer using HAiCollectTM, fax (Fast Fax Form), or .

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