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How does HAiCollectTM help me?

Have you ever placed a claim only to find out that the collection agency "never got it"?

Have you ever called for a status update on a claim and waded through 5 levels of voice mail only to get a recorded message that "your important call will be immediately returned"?

Have you ever misplaced a legal status report and had to jump through hoops to get a copy?

Your time is valuable and your collection agency ought to make your time their priority. HAiCollectTM allows online claim placement and confirms receipt of your claim immediately upon entry. No guesswork as to whether or not the claim was received.

Your questions on existing collection claims can usually be answered by reviewing our on-line/real time call notes- no voice mail jail!

Errant copies of claim documents can be easily viewed and printed from within the HAiCollectTM claim detail screen- we become your electronic filing cabinet for all debt collection matters.

Doesn't that sound easy? That's the point! Ease of use and efficiency are what HAiCollectTM is all about.

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