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With HAiCollectTM, You get COMPLETE ACCESS

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HAiCollectTM offers Complete ASSURANCE

Hampton Associates goes to great lengths to insure that your data is safe and secure. Our internet security and availability measures include:

  •  128 Bit Encryption certificate secures communications between your computer and our servers
  •  User ID and Password protected access to your collection claim files
  •  Redundant hard disk configuration on all HAI servers protects against hardware failure
  •  Multi daily backup of database files with nightly backup of all server files
  •  Offsite secure vault storage of all server files
  •  Automated server operating system updates
  •  Firewall protection and software anti-virus on all servers and user systems

    Data security and availability isn't an option at Hampton Associates; it's our commitment to our clients.

    HAiCollectTM provides Complete ACCOUNTABILITY

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    HAiCollectTM Users Guide: HAiCollect User's Guide- bringing your commercial collection agency activity into the 21st century!

    HAI's proprietary database provides:

    See what other commercial debt collection agencies can only talk about. HAI- Your online agency!

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