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It's time to see the difference! It's time to HAiCollectTM

Mention "Creditworthy News" when you call and take a live demo and we'll send you our "What is the credit world coming to?" mouse pad.

HAiCollectTM is Hampton Associates proprietary "Internet collection center"SM for all of your commercial collection agency activity and monitoring requirements.

HAiCollectTM is the first fully Web-enabled collection agency. Launched in November 2001, our database allows our clients to monitor our collection efforts at every step in the process.

Is your current collection agency unwilling or unable to show you their work? Not so at
HAI! We've got nothing to hide!

At Hampton Associates, we understand that we work for you and we want you to see our work.

You can take a look at our User's Guide (PDF format), see screen shots on our demo pages or call us for a live demonstration!

HAiCollectTM offers the following functionality:

  •  Online collection claim placement direct to our secure database
  •  On demand real-time claim status monitoring & summarized claim inventory reports
  •  Debtor search capabilities on existing collection claims
  •  Document upload & imaging capabilities- send & view all claim documents & correspondence
  •  Online collection note detail is available instantaneously.
  •  Payment & adjustment details and history are always available for your inquiry
  •  E-mail communication to your HAI representative from within your claim detail view
    HAiCollectTM is secured by your user ID and password to protect confidential data. All data received and transmitted through the database is SSL encrypted for your security.    

    Hampton Associates, Inc.- Your commercial collection agency solution

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    Interested in becoming a client? Simply call us at (877) 862-6340 and we'll have you up and running in 5 minutes!

    Interested in learning more about the capabilities of HAiCollectTM? Check out our User's Guide or Demo Screens:

    HAiCollectTM Users Guide: HAiCollect User's Guide- bringing your commercial collection agency activity into the 21st century!

    HAI's proprietary database provides:

    See what other commercial debt collection agencies can only talk about. HAI- Your online agency!

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